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Multimedia Conferencing

Multimedia Conferencing

ComNet Telecom in conjunction with its parent company offers a complete voice and web conferencing solution that keeps your organization communicating.

Accomplish more in your workday with the CITIC Telecom Unified Meeting. Meet with colleagues, clients and customers from remote locations in your own multimedia virtual meeting room, without ever leaving your office.

The CITIC Telecom Unified Meeting fully integrates audio, web and desktop video conferencing into one intuitive interface, using patented technology to ensure that audio and web are completely synchronised.

Manage your meetings with simple “point” and “click” commands. All you need is a computer, internet connectivity and a telephone.

With CITIC Telecom Unified Meeting, you can reach out further and wider to your global audiences without reaching deep into your pockets!

Easy participant access:

  • No upfront investment
  • Latest technology without upgrade costs
  • No IT maintenance or support required
  • No client download required
  • No Java VM required
  • No disabling of pop-up blockers required

Visit CITIC Telecom Unified Meeting at: http://citictel.conferencing.com/um